The Extensive Musical Theatre Intensive

The Extensive MT Intensive is a 12-week course designed to cover all aspects of musical theatre. From exploring acting and vocal techniques to understanding musical styles and history, this course aims to build a well-rounded performer who can look at a musical theatre piece and build a complete three-dimensional character for the stage. The course will cover three major eras of musical theatre: the Golden Age, the Transitional Period, and Contemporary MT. When studying each era, clients will receive one new piece of music to learn and two customised recordings of each song, one for learning and one for self-tape usage. The course includes two half-hour private sessions per week with instructor Kaleb Sells geared towards your personal needs and strengths as a performer and bi-weekly optional workshops on musical theatre history and techniques. We aim to find the techniques and pieces that bring out the best in you so you can show your best at every audition!