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Step 1: Parents can register their children for our Online Artist Systen using the form below. 

You are on Step 2: Below is our Artist Submission Form where you can upload your child’s details.

Step 3: Your submitted artist profile will be reviewed and accepted or declined by us. Once accepted the profile will be public.

*Important*: You must upload a high quality photo that is in the ration 2:3 (portrait, 2 long, 3 high) with the Headshot photo.

Follow our guide below to crop your photos correctly.

Headshot photo must be high quality and cropped to 2:3 (landscape)

Low quality, landscape photo

You must use a high quality photo and crop it to the ratio 2:3 (portrait)

High quality, 2:3 (portrait) photo

Note that you cannot increase the quality of a low quality photo, you must find the high quality version or take a new photo.

See below instructions on how to crop a photo.

How to crop a photo

1: Upload your photo

Drag your photo into the box from your computer, or click ‘Upload File’

2: Crop your photo

1: Click ‘3:2’

2: Click ‘Rotate’

3: Click and drag the white lines and white dots on the corners to size the image correctly, with the head lined up in the centre

4: Click ‘Crop image’

5: Click ‘Download’ to download the image, then upload it on the form below.

(Click the screenshot shown to zoom in on it)

For the secondary photo, follow the same procedure but click 3:4, then click Rotate.

Child/Artists Information

Full Name*
Date of Birth*
Height (cm)*
Eye Colour*
Mobile Number*
Hair Colour*
Maximum file size: 5 MB
Second photo*
Maximum file size: 5 MB
Upload CV
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